January 2014

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South Loop Short SalesJust a few years ago, short sales were a major part of the real estate landscape here in Chicago as homeowners all over the city were looking for creative ways to get out from a mortgage that exceeded the property’s actual market-value. Thankfully, the market has improved significantly over the last 12-18 months and short sales aren’t quite as common during the real estate downturn that began all the way back in 2008.

Despite the turnaround however, short sales are still an incredible way to save money on a new Chicago home or condo, and depending on where you look, plenty of fabulous short sale options are still available in neighborhoods all over the city.

If you’re looking for an area of Chicago with a large inventory of short sales, the South Loop

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Downtown Chicago Health ClubsWhen you combine all the typical New Year’s resolutions with people simply wanting to work-off the extra weight gained from a hearty holiday meal or two, January through March is widely known to be the busiest gym season of the year—and if you’ve been to a local gym or health club around downtown Chicago sometime within the past couple weeks, you may be inclined to agree.
Luckily for those of us living in the downtown area however, there are variety of health club options that help keep crowds to a minimum and your fitness and exercise goals well within reach. So whether you’re looking to join a Chicago health club to satisfy a 2014 resolution or just to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, here’s our detailed guide on some of the top gyms and health

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Chicago Pothole Tracker

Chicago is no doubt notorious for deep and potentially damaging pot holes that can sometimes seem as if they’ll swallow your car whole if you hit one square. As you already know, the Windy City has seen some pretty extreme temperatures and downright nasty weather this winter season, which to put lightly, has wreaked havoc on Chicago’s already poorly maintained roadways and thoroughfares. If you’ve spent any time at all driving in the past week or two, chances are you—along with thousands of other Chicago motorists who drive on a daily basis—have likely noticed Chicago’s city streets are in even worse condition than we’re generally accustomed to seeing; and to many, that certainly says a lot.

But in an effort to help put drivers’ minds at ease, the

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The Pinnacle Condos in Chicago High rises in downtown Chicago like Trump Tower, the Ritz Carlton and the Palmolive seem to dominate the headlines when it comes to the luxury real estate market, but in a major city like Chicago, there’s certainly more to the high-end housing landscape than just a few well-known buildings.

One particular luxury high rise that seems to fly under the radar is The Pinnacle.  Located at 21 E. Huron and designed by one of Chicago’s most famed architects, Lucien Lagrange, condos at The Pinnacle are equally as impressive as other popular condo buildings in the area, while its location, which almost hovers over the River North-Streeterville boundary line, may be as convenient and attractive as any other comparable building in the city.  

In all, the Pinnacle

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