May 2014

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Chicago Brews Cruise

In recent weeks, we’ve briefly touched on various upcoming events and happenings around the Chicago area in anticipation of the long awaited spring and summer seasons. From Chicago’s numerous Farmer’s Markets to a handful of Windy City beer festivals, there’s always a lot to look forward to when the weather finally breaks and warmer temperatures are on the horizon.

Many of Chicago’s summertime festivals and attractions have been entertaining local residents for years, or even decades in some cases, but as the city changes and evolves with time, new forms of entertainment are introduced that allow us to take full advantage of living in one of the greatest cities on earth.  

One such example of Chicago’s on-going entertainment evolution was just

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Four bedroom condos in Chicago are a bit of a rarity, especially when you’re searching some of the area’s best and most luxurious high-rises. Considering the square footage per floor is usually somewhat limited within Chicago’s high-rise structures, incorporating single units with four individual bedrooms can certainly be challenging from a design aspect, not to mention there’s only a finite number of buyers looking in the price range such units will command.  

If you are in a position to be searching for a posh 4 bedroom condo near downtown Chicago however, Lincoln Park 2550 may be a luxury building worth consideration. As of today, two 4-bedroom condos are listed at Lincoln Park 2550, and as one might expect from any high-end unit housed inside a

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