70s-Inspired Restaurant Opens in Fulton Market

Posted by Leo Clark. on Thursday, February 5th, 2015 at 5:49pm.

The Brass Monkey - Chicago

There’s no doubt Chicago is one of the truly great food cities in the world, making it hard for non-foodies to keep up with the always-changing, ever-evolving restaurant scene here around the downtown area. Neighborhoods like West Loop and River North always seem to be adding hot new restaurants and bars to their respective parts of town, and the Fulton Market District seems to be doing much of the same these days.

In fact, if you haven’t made a recent trip over to Fulton Market lately, you might not know about a groovy new eatery to open over at 401 N. Morgan Street.

Called The Brass Money, this Marc Bushala endeavor is a slick, 100-seat restaurant that garners its influence from 70s-era design, music, culture, and of course cuisine, and if you’re looking for a fun new place to throw back a few cocktails and enjoy some delicious food in the process, you’re in for a treat at The Brass Monkey.

The menu is diverse—featuring upscale entrees like seared duck breast and pork chops to some more traditional American dishes from the 70s like sloppy Joe sliders and a “TV dinner” option with Salisbury Steak. Drinks at The Brass Monkey also follow the 70s concept and include a few Tang-related concoctions and a new take on an old classic—the Harvey Wallbanger.

The Brass Money’s website is live, so check it out here, or give ‘em a follow on Facebook for more information.

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