An Early Look at Chicago Short Sales in 2015

Posted by Leo Clark. on Friday, February 6th, 2015 at 6:28pm.

Chicago Short Sales in 2015

With so many good things happening in the real estate industry right now, we’re seeing fewer and fewer short sales around downtown Chicago. According to RealtyTac, a real estate research firm based in Irvine, California, roughly 122,000 short sales nationwide went to closing last year from January to October, with even fewer expected to close in 2015.

In Chicago’s primary downtown neighborhoods like the Loop, South Loop, West Loop, Lake Shore East, Streeterville, River North and the Gold Coast, the total number of short sales has also greatly diminished, especially when you compare figures from a year or two prior to 2014.

Despite the recovery however, if you’re in the market for a new home or condo in downtown Chicago, short sales can still save home buyers thousands, regardless of your budget or the price-range you’re searching. From luxury condos and townhomes in Streeterville or River North to any number of authentic lofts in the West Loop or South Loop, if you’re serious about both finding the right new place to call home, as well as saving a little money in the process, short sales in Chicago still provide ample opportunities that accomplish just that.

For an updated look at what short sales are available in downtown Chicago, have a look at the featured MLS listings below, or call Gold Coast Realty at (312) 280-9600 for more information!


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