Chicago Department of Transportation Launches New Pothole Tracker

Posted by Leo Clark. on Friday, January 17th, 2014 at 11:00pm.

Chicago Pothole Tracker

Chicago is no doubt notorious for deep and potentially damaging pot holes that can sometimes seem as if they’ll swallow your car whole if you hit one square. As you already know, the Windy City has seen some pretty extreme temperatures and downright nasty weather this winter season, which to put lightly, has wreaked havoc on Chicago’s already poorly maintained roadways and thoroughfares. If you’ve spent any time at all driving in the past week or two, chances are you—along with thousands of other Chicago motorists who drive on a daily basis—have likely noticed Chicago’s city streets are in even worse condition than we’re generally accustomed to seeing; and to many, that certainly says a lot.

But in an effort to help put drivers’ minds at ease, the city of Chicago just launched a brand new tool that now tracks hazardous potholes in neighborhoods all over town. Dubbed the Pothole Tracker, this new website basically provides an at-a-glance snap shot of potholes the Department of Transportation have already attended to within the last 7 days. Each blue dot you see on the tracker represents a now-fixed pothole, which has been assigned a service request number, a date-of-fix, and also the total number of potholes that have been fixed on that same block.

In many ways, the new Pothole Tracker is interesting and the technology innovative. But is it really that useful? You be the judge—Check out Chicago’s brand new Pothole Tracker here and tell us what you think!   


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