Gondola Tours Coming to the Chicago River?

Posted by Leo Clark. on Friday, September 12th, 2014 at 7:40pm.

Chicago River Gondola Tours

The overhaul of the Chicago Riverwalk has certainly garnered a lot of discussion in recent months, especially since the announcement of the new Lighting Framework Plan all the way back in January. But as detailed in a recent article on Curbed, the revamped Riverwalk in downtown Chicago could involve much more than just a one-of-a-kind lighting display. The goal of the project is to transform Chicago’s main riverfront into a can’t–miss tourist attraction that combines everything from live music and waterfront cafés to boutique retails shops and expanded walkways to accommodate more foot traffic.

But along with these more traditional upgrades however, local engineering firm VIATechnik is throwing out some interesting ideas of their own for the newly designed tourist attraction, of which includes gondola tours that run up and down the river.

For centuries, gondolas were the primary means of transportation and the most common watercraft found in Venice, Italy; and even despite the presence of today's modern boats, they still play a prominent role in Venice’s thriving tourism industry, charging visitors and locals alike a fixed rate for a ride.

While nothing has been finalized and the idea of gondola tours on the Chicago River is still just an idea, it’s certainly an interesting concept that we think would make for the perfect addition to what should eventually be one of downtown Chicago's hottest new places to visit.

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