Headquarters Beercade Coming to River North

Posted by Leo Clark. on Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 at 6:26pm.

An interesting and unique concept is coming to River North, and if you grew up playing games like pinball and Frogger, you might want to read on. Opening tomorrow is the River North version of Headquarters Beercade—an adult sanctuary that combines everything great about the 80s and early 90s with lots and lots of beer.

The décor of the new two-floor, three-bar space is decked out with preserved and repurposed items that may just bring back some not-so-recent memories for some of us—phone booths behind the bar and cassette tape covers and Shel Silverstein book pages lining the walls—but there's no doubt it’s the awesome arcade video games and pinball machines that will make this new River North hotspot full of fun, the old school way.

The original Headquarters is now a neighborhood mainstay over in Lakeview, but the River North location, which takes over a former night club space at 213 W. Institute Place, is quite a bit larger with much more seating and open space available to those looking to enjoy a night full of nice, clean eighties nostalgia. In addition to all the games and craft beer, Headquarters Beercade River North will also serve up some quirky cocktails, as well as some tasty food options, which won’t be available until next month.   

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