HOT Interior Design Trends of 2015

Posted by Leo Clark. on Thursday, January 8th, 2015 at 10:34am.

Hot Design Trends of 2015

Now that 2015 has arrived, we’ve scoured the web for hot new design trends that will take us through the next 12 months, and after taking a closer look at websites like Zillow Digs, Pinterest,, and various other design-related media, it looks like 2015 is set to be an exciting year for both the Chicago real estate market, as well as the interior design industry.

So if you’re anxious to not only get a fresh start on the calendar, but also on your home’s out-dated decor, take a peak at some of these hot new design trends that are sure to take the new year by storm:

Vintage Tubs

Gone are the days of jets or infinity edges when it comes to your in-home bathtub. In a digital world that constantly keeps us connected, there’s something to be said for a relaxing, good old-fashioned soak without all the technical gadgets and features.


If you hate painting as much as we do, you’ll be glad to know wallpaper is officially making a comeback in 2015. Go with something vibrant and something colorful, but make sure to keep an elegant, sophisticated, or traditional design

Four-Poster Beds

So why are four-poster beds making a comeback? More and more people today are being drawn back in the pillard pieces, and for those looking for a new loft here in Chicago, there's nothing cooler than mixing in a four-poster bed to enhance the old, rustic feel.


No, we don't live in Texas. Yes, cowhide is still cool in 2015. Many designers have expressed that cowhide is the perfect accent texture for this year's modern and eclectic design fads. Whether it's a on pillows, rugs, throw blankets, artwork, or even a part of your furniture, throw a little cowhide into the living room mix this year.

Gold Fixtures

Make a bold statement in 2015 with gold! Lots of shine and a sleek finish is the only way to do it on fixtures throughout your home this year. Remember, the brighter the better!

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