Kuma's Corner Officially Expands Into the West Loop

Posted by Leo Clark. on Sunday, July 30th, 2017 at 1:05pm.

The original Avondale burger joint known as Kuma’s Corner is arguably one of the most famous bars/restaurants in the city, or at least to locals who live up on Chicago’s north and northwest sides. Inside that location, heavy metal music sets the tone, whiskey poured out of a tap is the norm, and the burgers don’t let anyone leave still hungry.

But as popularity grew for the awesome assortment of heavy metal themed burgers served at Kuma’s, so did the bar’s brand. Over the years, Kuma’s has expanded into Lakeview, Schaumburg, and even out-of-state into Indianapolis. Most recently, however, Kuma’s was also back in the news for opening up its newest location in Chicago’s rapidly growing Fulton Market district in the West Loop.

Unlike the appropriately grungy Avondale location, however, the Kuma’s West Loop spot is a little fancier and much more fitting for the neighborhood—but the burgers and fries have unquestionably remained constant through the widespread growth of Kuma’s Corner, which to Kuma’s fans continues to be what matters most.


Photos: Kuma's Corner West Loop Instagram

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