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Since the closing of Fox & Obel Grocery in July 2013, the space has sat empty; patiently waiting for new life until it was announced that the retail giant Target will be taking over and opening a scaled down store; focusing on groceries, beauty and home goods. Now, rumors are circulating that this Target will be the first ever to house a bar within its walls. Shopping and a glass of Merlot? Doesn't sound too bad.

Although no official announcement has been made by the Minneapolis-based company regarding the bar; city records show an application for two liquor licenses—one to sell packaged alcohol and one to serve on-site wine and spirits in the growing Streeterville Neighborhood. This business move, some believe, is a response to other grocery

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Alderman Tom Tunney (44) was joined by several city officials on Wednesday August 13 for the ground breaking ceremony at 3200 N. Clark St., where construction for a sleek, modern 8-story building is set to begin.

In 2013, the plans for the 3200 block of Clark Street proposed a 10-story building with an all glass façade. However, due to neighborhood concerns regarding mix-matched architecture, the plans were struck down and redesigned to the now 8-story building where a combination of metal and glass will help keep the modern appeal of the project. 

Coming in at a projected $50m budget, The multi-use building will be home to a downsized Target focusing on groceries, home goods, health and beauty products. On the upper floors, 90 residential units

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