West Loop Condo Building Directory

West Loop Condo Building DirectoryIt really doesn’t seem like all that long ago that the West Loop was defined by its original industrial roots with its landscape filled with little more than old warehouses and factories, and of course Oprah's Harpo Studios. Today, however, it's a growing residential destination that’s full of one of a kind loft conversions and newer construction soft loft developments that combine luxury and comfort with a touch of that industrial character that makes this part of the city unique. High end timber lofts with sprawling floor plans, huge industrial style windows, and plenty of exposed duct work are commonplace all throughout the West Loop, so it’s easy to see why loft lovers continue to make their way over to the area.

If you’re not exactly the loft type but still love what the West Loop neighborhood has to offer, a number of larger high-rise condo buildings sit right alongside the I-90/94 expressway with most offering plenty of great lifestyle amenities to enhance the daily lives of those who call those buildings homes. Features like indoor garage parking, door service, exercise facilities, and even entertainment lounges aren’t uncommon in such West Loop condo buildings, but of course these bonus features widely vary from location to location.

When it comes to loft buildings in the West Loop, it’s truly hard to narrow down some of our favorites, as the inventory here can often times feel quite overwhelming. 1000 W. Washington is a great building not only because of its fabulous interior finishes but also because of its central location within the neighborhood, while other top choices here would probably have to include 850 W. Adams, 1017 W. Washington, 1040 W. Adams, and 312 N. May—the Warehouse Lofts.

As for West Loop condo buildings with a more soft loft or traditional look and feel, 125 S Jefferson, 6 S. Laflin, and 659 W. Randolph are all widely considered to be great options. For more information about West Loop condo and loft buildings, contact our Downtown Chicago real estate experts at Gold Coast Realty today at (312) 280-9600!