Streeterville Condo Building Directory

Streeterville Condo BuildingsIf you truly want a downtown condo that’s located right in the heart of the city, Streeterville isn’t a bad place to being your search. Situated right up against Chicago’s lakefront, many of the city’s most prominent high-rise condo buildings were developed in the Streeterville neighborhood, making for the ultimate big city living experience. The city views are absolutely incredible from just about any Streetrville condo building you choose, and the closer you are to the waterfront, you might also get to enjoy some pretty amazing outlooks of Lake Michigan as well, especially if you’re in a Streeterville condo building that lines directly on Lake Shore Drive.

As it pertains to the lakefront, a few of our absolute favorite Streeterville condo buildings include 840 N. Lake Shore Drive, 250 E. Pearson, 900 N. Lake Shore Drive, and of course 600 N. Lake Shore Drive—one of the lakefront’s newer condominium developments, which actually consists of two separate towers. But if you’re not all that concerned about being on the water and prefer to be a bit closer to all the action and activity that defines this part of the Windy City, you’ll literally have dozens of high-rise condo buildings to choose from in the area. The closer you are to Michigan Avenue, however, the more of a premium you’ll likely have to pay, so definitely keep that in mind when browsing the market. Streeterville condo buildings along the riverfront can also be a bit more pricey, however, being that close to the newly revamped Riverwalk will of course has its advantages.

Listed below are links to all the Streeterville condo buildings in the area. Should you like more information about a particular building or want to see what’s currently on the market at a specific address, just click on your desired location for more info or to start browsing active listings. And as always, to schedule a private showing or for some additional help during your Chicago condo search, give our experts at Gold Coast Realty a call today at (312) 2