10 Home Buying Secrets: #6 - Take Out the Emotion

Posted by Leo Clark. on Thursday, October 30th, 2014 at 12:42pm.

Home Buying Secrets

It goes without saying that the primary objective when buying a home or condo is to find something you like, in addition to finding something that fits all your needs and wants. Location, exterior features, interior finishes, and lifestyle amenities will undoubtedly all play a role in what might put a home over the edge or what might take a home out of contention, but during any home search, it's always important for a buyer to take as much emotion out of the final decision as possible.  

Making a savvy home purchase is all about finding that perfect balance between choosing a home you love and choosing a home that’s also a good short- or long-term investment. Even the homes that seemingly check off all the boxes on your wish list can have hidden red flags, so always be diligent during your search instead of being blinded by first impressions and the emotions of "love at first sight."  

There's a fine line between emotion and instinct, and going with your instinct almost always means you're buying a home for both it's potential and it's value, not just overall appearance. Any home purchase you make is a major investment and financial commitment, so always stay calm and think any decision through before acting prematurely.

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