April 2016

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It’s a trend that doesn’t appear to have an end in sight—another hotel is being planned for downtown Chicago. Unlike other recent hotel news, however, this latest project is a bit more unique in that it will be built directly on Navy Pier.

Being developed and operated by Chicago-based First Hospitality Group, which already owns 19 hotels in Illinois, the new Navy Pier hotel project will stand 5 stories high and house 200 rooms when finished, which should certainly add another notch in the belt of Mayor Emanuel’s plan to bring 55 million visitors to Chicago annually by 2020.

Plans call for the hotel to be built next to Festival Hall at the end of the Pier, and for the first time ever, tourists will actually be able to stay at Navy Pier, which certainly

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When the LondonHouse Hotel was first announced last year, many felt it could easily establish itself as one of the top hotels in the entire city. The building’s rich history, its location just off the riverfront—everything about it seemed to just make sense. Now, over a year later, reports are surfacing that the hotel has actually been sold, just one month before making its highly-anticipated debut.

According to Crain’s, LondonHouse has officially sold for an insane $315 million, which comes out to about $697,000 per room. Oxford Capital is the original developer for the project and the breakdown of the sale seems to be as follows: Oxford will retain ownership of the first and second-floor retail space, while the company will also lease back the hotel and

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While the hustle and bustle of Michigan Avenue might only be a few short steps away, there’s a stretch of Streeterville along Pearson Street which runs from Michigan Avenue all the way over to Lake Shore Drive that is one of the most pleasant places to live in all of downtown Chicago.

Aside from just a great location that’s close to everything, much of the appeal of Pearson Street relates to both Seneca Park and the sprawling Lake Shore Park that sits just a short block over, which is one of our favorite outdoor spots in the entire city.

A smaller green space with mature trees, lots of shade, and a small little playground for kids, Seneca Park first opened back in 1990 when a host of donations were made by wealthy neighbors to add more park space to the

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A lone rendering has been released that shows what could possibly be coming to 845 W. Madison in the West Loop sometime in the very near future, and it’s one of the more impressive projects to hit this part of the neighborhood in quite sometime. Once the home of H20 Plus, a lotion and shampoo manufacturer that’s moving to San Francisco, 845 W. Madison was initially purchased by the John Buck Company back in 2014 for $20 million, with part of that deal also allowing H20 Plus to still occupy the building for an additional two years.

But now that the two-year grace period is coming to a close, chatter about what’s coming next for the site is once again starting, and in many ways, the timing couldn’t be better. Development all over Chicago is widespread,

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One South Halsted West Loop

While new development is nothing new to Chicago’s ever-evolving West Loop neighborhood, the long-stalled project called One South Halsted could finally be getting under way after what’s been roughly 5 years since the project was introduced.

Originally proposed back in 2011, One South Halsted actually received approval from the city just a year later, but nothing has really been done since, or even mentioned for that matter. However, according to a recent report from Curbed, it does look as if the project is finally back on track, only now with a few slight modifications from the original proposal.

It appears the large cylinder shape design will remain in tact, but the tower will now only stretch 472 high as opposed to its original height of 490 feet. As

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