June 2014

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Kirkwood Bar & Grill

This week’s outdoor patio of the week takes us up to Kirkwood Bar & Grill, which is located at 2934 N. Sheffield on the border of Lakeview and Lincoln Park. A quintessential neighborhood tavern, Kirkwood is situated on a tree-lined stretch of Sheffield Avenue, which somehow makes for a quiet, low-key atmosphere, even despite being in the heart of such a vibrant part of Lakeview. Like much of the Lakeview neighborhood and the nearby parts of Lincoln Park, an attractive mix of single-family homes, vintage apartment buildings, and newly developed three- and four-flats fill the real estate landscape around Kirkwood, while the area’s population is mostly known for being home to young professionals, college students, and even a blend of young and growing

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Many associate Chicago foreclosures for sale with low-end housing in neighborhoods slightly less desirable than say, the Gold Coast for example. But in a market as large as Chicago, foreclosures are listed at all kinds of price points, of which include a number of luxury properties.

Two Chicago foreclosures for sale are currently priced over $1 million: a beautiful single-family home in Lakeview and an equally impressive townhome in the heart of River North. Other great opportunities on luxury foreclosures in downtown Chicago include a 2 bedroom, 2 ½ bath at 680 N. Lake Shore Drive; a roomy 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom at 345 N. LaSalle; and a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo at 222 N. Columbus with a unique layout and a ton of potential.

If you’ve never

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Downtown Chicago Real Estate

There’s a growing trend among American home buyers, and in Chicago, it’s particularly relevant. Years ago, finding a home with ample square footage, lots of yard space, and perhaps even a quiet suburban location would have been the ideal situation for most buyers looking for a new place to live. Today however, things are much different. Home buyers, both young and old, now say they’d much rather live closer to city centers or what’s considered the “heart” of downtown in order to enjoy a much shorter commute, more diversity, and all kinds of restaurants, entertainment, and various other amenities and attractions that define a particular city or town.  

Prior to 2008, what drove the residential construction industry were subdivision developments

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Breakwater Chicago

An interesting idea has been released that aims to bring even more tourist activity to Chicago’s lakefront—only this new concept will actually float in the lake as opposed to being situated on land. Being called Breakwater Chicago, this dynamic new “development” will essentially be a large, floating resort complex that houses three restaurants, a pool, retail shops, and even a spa. Going off the renderings, which were released today, the yacht-like island structure looks like something out of Dubai, and in total, its maximum capacity could reach as high as 2,850 people.

In the warm summer months, Breakwater Chicago would feature a fun, open-air concept, while during the winter, a dome would cover the complex, ensuring it would stay open year-round.

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Gold Coast Real Estate Listings to Recently Hit the Market

As one of Chicago’s hottest downtown neighborhoods, the Gold Coast real estate market is always thriving. But if you’ve been searching for that perfect place to call home for a while now and want to expatiate your search to only include what you haven’t already seen, now is your chance.

Listed below are only Gold Coast real estate listings that have hit the market within the last 7 days, regardless of when this blog was originally posted, and whether you’re in search of a magnificent Gold Coast greystone or a stylish lakefront condominium residence with character, there’s likely always going to be a brand new Gold Coast listing that catches your eye or meets and exceeds that extensive list of items on your seemingly never-ending wish list.

As of

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Goldrush Rally Stops in Chicago

If you love high-end, ultra-exotic cars, be sure to make your way downtown Wednesday morning, as the second leg of this year’s Goldrush Rally kicks off from the Swissotel at 323 E. Upper Wacker Drive. In its 6th year, the Goldrush Rally is a week-long automotive event for luxury car enthusiasts, which now attracts participants from all over the globe.

Over the 7-day journey, Goldrushers travel across the country in luxury cars ranging from Corvettes to $2 million Buggatis, making stops in six different cities to drag race at various race tracks, experience the most luxurious hotels in the U.S., and throw the wildest parties you can ever imagine.

The 2014 Goldrush Rally started in Las Vegas on May 31st, arrived in Park City, Utah on June 1st; then

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