5 Condo Buildings to Consider For Luxury Lincoln Park Buyers To Consider

Posted by Leo Clark. on Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 at 11:46pm.

Lincoln Park is certainly one Chicago neighborhood that is known for its luxury real estate. Anything from expansive single-family homes to a lavish multi-level townhomes can be found all throughout the area, but if you’re one who wants to simplify your living situation and prefers the easy and convenient condominium lifestyle, there’s also plenty of extravagant condo buildings that should fit all your needs and desires in a new Chicago home.

Depending on what’s important to you specifically, there’s several different directions you can go when it comes to Lincoln Park condos. Given its lakefront location, it’s common for many home buyers to want that breathtaking view of the water when searching for the ultimate LP pad. Other luxury buyers may not have a problem sacrificing a lakefront location if it brings down the total cost a bit—just as long as the amenities and interior spaces are still one-of-a-kind and first class all the way.

Currently, we have nearly 200 Lincoln Park condo buildings in our comprehensive Lincoln Park condo directory, but if you’re truly looking for luxury in one of Chicago’s most sought-after north side neighborhoods, speed up your home search and consider these 5 fabulous condo buildings today!

Lincoln Park 2550

Widely considered to be Lincoln Park's most prestigious address, the condo tower at 2550 N. Lakeview Avenue offers luxury living at its finest. From its classic architectural style all the way down to the lavash in-building amenities, everything about Lincoln Park 2550 is elegant and extravagant, which you’ll quickly learn once taking a closer look at any of its available condo residences.

2500 N. Lakeview

 Just like Lincoln Park 2550, the high-rise at 2500 N. Lakeview sits right across the street from the actual Lincoln Park as well, ultimately making it one of the top locations in the neighborhood. Along with a close proximity to the park, its park front position also provides some of the best lake, park, and city views of any condo tower in the area, and you won’t have to break the bank to live here either.

340 W. Diversey

Perhaps one of the more underrated condo towers in Lincoln Park, units inside 340 W. Diversey usually have plenty of appealing characteristics, including floor-to-ceiling windows, huge open layouts, great views of the park and lakefront, and in most cases all sorts of updates to the kitchens and bathrooms. In other words, what's not to love?

305 W. Fullerton

If you like more of a vintage look and feel but also don’t want to sacrifice luxury, take a look at 305 W. Fullerton. Originally built back in 1917, 305 W. Fullerton couldn’t be more charming. Inside, condos are highly upgraded and ultra-luxurious, truly making it a top choice for any high-end buyer in Chicago.

399 W. Fullerton

Also an older building, 399 W. Fullerton is a landmark address that rarely disappoints. Residences at this prestigious co-op have an incredible amount of appeal and desirability, and there’s just something about the building that screams sophistication. Perhaps it’s time you find out what.


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