Our Short List of Chicago's Best Neighborhood Coffee Joints

Posted by Leo Clark. on Friday, July 20th, 2018 at 4:12pm.

Nearly everybody has some sort of morning fix they need to get the day started, and for many, that fix often comes in the form of a good cup of Joe. Whether it’s a plain old cup of black coffee or something a bit more gourmet like a café latte or cappuccino, nothing quite gets you revved up and ready to face the day ahead like your first cup of coffee in the morning. And for many Chicagoans who like to eat, drink, and shop local, a daily trip to your local Starbucks simply won’t do the trick.  

Instead, some Chicago residents simply opt for smaller, more neighborhood-centric coffee joints for their java drink of choice, and in a city as large as Chicago, you can bet there are more than a few local coffee houses that separate themselves from the familiar, more corporate-like establishments. The list is rather extensive, but featured below are just a few of our favorites we strongly recommend:

Emerald City Coffee

3938 N. Sheridan - Lakeview
What we like: Right off the Sheridan Red Line Station, always good music playing, quality menu


Elaine’s Coffee Call

1816 N. Clark – Lincoln Park
What we like: Perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee and heading across the street to the park for a walk or to enjoy being outside, REALLY good cookies



2035 N. Western – Bucktown
What we like: This place is ALL about the coffee, unique and original drinks, cozy interior space


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Star Lounge Coffee Bar

2521 W. Chicago – Ukrainian Village
What we like: Described as a funky art-filled café with light fare. Need we say more?


Sip Coffee House

1223 W. Grand – Fulton Market
What we like: 2 outdoor courtyards, top-notch service, all about providing customers the best possible experience.


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