Developers Back Out of Lincoln Park Condo Tower

Posted by Leo Clark. on Saturday, July 25th, 2015 at 11:42am.

Lincoln Park Condo Tower

Despite being in the middle of a development boom unlike anything we’ve seen since prior to the recession, not every project that’s being proposed comes to fruition, believe it or not. According to a recent report from Curbed, plans for a new 17-story condo tower over on Diversey Parkway have been shot down by the Park West Community Association and local neighbors in the Lincoln Park area due to their concerns over the building’s height and unit count.

The plan for the sleek new Pappageorge Haymes Partners-designed tower called for 78 condos, parking for 81 vehicles, a green roof deck, and as mentioned above a height of 17 stories, however after requests were made to lower the height and reduce the number of living spaces, developers have apparently walked aways from the deal.

The project was initially presented last September by Lexington Homes, and in a market that seems to be desperate for new condos, as opposed to more luxury rentals, it seems rather surprising a compromise couldn’t be made.

The announcement of the killed project was made via a press release from Alderman Michele Smith’s office earlier in the week. Below is a closer look of what could've been.

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