Downtown Chicago Health Clubs at a Glance

Posted by Leo Clark. on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 at 7:01pm.

Downtown Chicago Health ClubsWhen you combine all the typical New Year’s resolutions with people simply wanting to work-off the extra weight gained from a hearty holiday meal or two, January through March is widely known to be the busiest gym season of the year—and if you’ve been to a local gym or health club around downtown Chicago sometime within the past couple weeks, you may be inclined to agree.
Luckily for those of us living in the downtown area however, there are variety of health club options that help keep crowds to a minimum and your fitness and exercise goals well within reach. So whether you’re looking to join a Chicago health club to satisfy a 2014 resolution or just to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, here’s our detailed guide on some of the top gyms and health clubs located in Chicago’s most desired downtown neighborhoods:

Downtown Chicago Health Clubs
Gold Coast Gym & Training Locations

One-on-One Fitness Personal Training Services
47 W. Division
(312) 642-4235
FFC Old Town
1235 N. LaSalle
(312) 640-1235
River North Gym & Training Locations
East Bank Club
500 N. Kingsbury
(312) 527-5800
River North Crossfit
330 W. Ontario
(312) 643-0406
David Barton Gym
600 W. Chicago
(312) 836-9127
Loop Gym & Training Locations
The Buckingham Athletic Club
440 S. LaSalle
(312) 663-8910
200 W. Monroe
(312) 252-3100
LA Fitness
55 E. Randolph
(312) 281-0113
Quick Gym Tips
Try going at different times. Gyms and health clubs are often the busiest in the morning and right after work. Visiting mid-day might help with avoiding crowds, but every gym is different, which is why it’s smart to try various times of the day to see what works best for your situation.
Switch up your cardio routine. The most common complaint people have about working out is that it can sometimes get boring. Treadmills and elliptical machines are probably the most commonly used cardio devices, but if using the same old equipment gets tedious, try hopping on an exercise bike or rowing machine.
Follow gym etiquette. This one is easy enough: don’t hog the machines and always make sure to properly wipe down each machine after use. Remember, different facilities often have different rules, so always check with the front desk about regulations specific to that club or gym.    

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