Lake Point Tower Garage Asking $1.5 Million

Posted by Leo Clark. on Thursday, November 24th, 2016 at 11:10am.

In a city as large as Chicago, there’s going to be some unique properties to hit the market every now and then. In most instances, you might see a home or condo with a funky layout or some interesting interior finishes, but rarely do you come across what just hit the market over at Lake Point Tower

Listed at $1.5 million, a 2,700 square foot garage that can hold up to 12 vehicles is now up for sale, making it one of the most expensive “toy boxes" you’ll probably find anywhere. Along with a couple handfuls of spaces to park all your luxury and vintage cars, the D1 garage unit also includes a full lounge area, a bar, and even its own bathroom. For added comfort, the garage also allows the owner to control the heating and air conditioning inside, and it’s also fully equipped with its own security system as well.  

As you can see from the listing photos, the paint-scheme and current decor of the garage pays tribute to Ferrari, which as noted by a recent piece in Chicago Magazine, is thanks in large part to the current owner’s appreciation for Italian sports cars. And in case you’re wondering, all the furniture is included in the list price. 

The new owner of the garage isn’t required to live in the building, and there aren’t any restrictions on who can own the space. However, the owner’s condo is also currently on the market for $995,000, just in case you’re looking for an upscale place to live in one of Chicago’s most unique buildings to call home as well. 

For a closer look at luxury listings inside Lake Point Tower, feel free to check out any of the active listings below, or give us a call today to schedule a private tour at your earliest convenience. 

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