Luxe Condos: Top Lakefront High-Rises in the Gold Coast Right Now

Posted by Leo Clark. on Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 at 5:29pm.

Gold Coast Lakefront Condos For Sale

Given one of our main areas of focus is the Gold Coast real estate market, it goes without saying that we hold many Gold Coast condo buildings to a higher standard than other buildings across the city, which is especially true for those that sit on the lakefront.

In fact, the real beauty about Gold Coast condos for sale is that not only do units here occupy a place in one of downtown Chicago’s most affluent and historic neighborhoods, but they also offer some of the best unobstructed views of the water that you’ll find anywhere in the city. And if great views are a characteristic that’s especially high up on your wish list, there’s no better place to start your downtown condo search than right here in the Gold Coast.

So while it’s hard to narrow down any list of attracted a desirable condo buildings in the area, here are just a few of Chicago's lakefront high-rises that are among some of the top locations to call home in the Gold Coast right now:\

1212 N. Lake Shore: View Active Condos For Sale

1212 N. Lake Shore Drive

1220 N. Lake Shore: View Active Condos For Sale

1040 N. Lake Shore Drive: View Active Condos For Sale


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