New Retail at Wells & Huron Should Help Compliment New Development Coming to River North

Posted by Leo Clark. on Wednesday, March 16th, 2016 at 4:30pm.

With so many new developments happening in and around River North, it seemed like only a matter of time before changes in the retail landscape made their way to some of the more dated buildings and parts of this ever-changing downtown Chicago neighborhood.

As reported by Curbed, a rendering for a re-vamped retail space at the corner of Wells and Huron has been released by Mid-America Development Group, which seems to be breaking the trend of maximizing the footprint of a development site by building upward rather than only settling for a single-story development.

Instead, however, commercial space at this particular location will in fact remain just one story high, but have a much more appealing exterior, as opposed to the “modern” 90s look that defines the existing structure.

Tenants of the re-vamped building can expect high 20-foot ceilings, huge glass storefronts, and a much more inviting and updated facade, which from the renderings is a major improvement.

As mentioned by Mid-America Development Group, over 1,800 luxury residential units are currently being developed within a 4 block radius of where their commercial site sits, perhaps prompting the change and possibly maximizing revenue and interest from future tenants.

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