Unique Triple Condo Listed at John Hancock Building For Record-Setting Price

Posted by Leo Clark. on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 at 8:12pm.

A triple condo now on the market in the John Hancock Center could soon smash the old record sale price for a unit in the building. The latest offering is a newly redesigned condo that takes the square footage from three condos, forming a new 4,100 square foot home with four-bedrooms, four-baths and a massive, combined space, incorporating the kitchen, dining and living rooms into one L-shaped design. 

Just as impressive as the condo’s size is its current asking price. Now on the market for $2.5 million, the unit far surpasses the old record price for a condo sold in the building. A more than 3,000 square foot unit was purchased for $1.65 million back in May of this year.

While that particular unit was on the 91st floor of the John Hancock Tower, the new home sits on the 75th floor. The listing calls for $600 per square foot, which also tops the previous record sale price of $540 per square foot.

This latest unit is not the highest asking price ever for the building. The record for that goes to another triple condo unit, which was listed more than a year ago for nearly $2.7 million. That home was later taken off the market.

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