It's National Cheeseburger Day: Where To Go in Downtown Chicago For a Good Burger

Posted by Leo Clark. on Thursday, September 18th, 2014 at 5:32pm.

Cheeseburgers in ChicagoIn recognition of National Cheeseburger Day, it seemed appropriate to give our readers a list of some of our favorite joints in downtown Chicago to grab a good burger. In a city as large as Chicago, there are literally dozens of mouth-watering restaurants all over town that certainly all have burgers worthy of making our list, but to help narrow down your choices for the next time you decide to go out and grab a burger here in the Windy City, just a few of our recommendations include the following:

M Burger - Water Tower Place

If you like a classic burger that’s simplistic and has regular toppings, M Burger is the perfect spot for a quick meal. The menu is small, but that’s also what makes an M Burger appealing. Nothing unconventional here, just a regular old hamburger or cheeseburger with all kinds of flavor.


Rockit Bar & Grill – 22 W. Hubbard

Offering more of a restaurant-bar feel instead of a quick-and-easy fast food style, Rockit Bar & Grill in River North not only has awesome burger, but also a pretty stylish interior as well. As far as the menu goes, we recommend The Locavore Burger or the standard Rockit Cheeseburger.


Weber Grill Restaurant – 539 N. State

A name recognized by all when it comes to at-home grilling, if you’re looking for that authentic charcoal flavor away from the backyard, shoot on over to the Weber Grill Restaurant. In addition to great food, the prices are very reasonable and worth the trip, especially if you just want somewhere casual to go.


Bull & Bear – 431 N. Wells

Similar to Rockit Bar & Grill, Bull & Bear has more of a restaurant-bar feel that works well for not only a good burger, but also a full night of fun. This is no doubt one of our favorite spots for Sunday brunch, but if you’re looking to swing over to Bull & Bear for dinner, you won’t be disappoint with any burger choice you have, but we recommend the Blue Chip Burger.




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