5 Must Know Restaurants for Late Night Dining In Chicago!

Posted by Leo Clark. on Tuesday, January 16th, 2024 at 4:40pm.

If you just moved to Chicago and live in one of the more popular neighborhoods for nightlife such as River North, Gold Coast, or Old Town you may wonder where you go for some good grub after a late night of Expresso Martinis and shots of Tequila.  You would think that would be an easy question to answer, however, most of the restaurants (like 95%) close their kitchens at 10 pm.  Well low and behold we have not 1 but 5 places that not only are open late, but the food is pretty dam good!

 #1 - Dublins - Gold Coast
Dublins is located in the Gold Coast, 1035 N. State St. to be exact.  It serves food until 3 am, 365 days a year, that's correct 365 days a year!  Although the name infers it's an Irish Pub, it's more the likes of your local watering hole.  Cheers of sorts as you will see the same guys and gals sitting in the same seats day and night.  The bar staff is amazing and as the song goes “Everyone knows your name”  The menu is quite large and offers everything from your standard Cheese burger to homemade Corned beef and cabbage (one of my favorites).  The menu is 4 pages long, has a list of Specials of the day and from what I’m told from a reliable source is all homemade. 

#2 - Velvet Taco - Gold Coast
Just a block away from Dublins is Velvet Taco 1110 N. State St. As you may have guessed Specialize in tacos, but not just your typical street taco, these are fancy tacos! Spicy Tikka Chicken, Korean Fried Rice, Cuban Pig, and Sweet Chile Shrimp just to name a few. They are open till 4 am and serve beer and soft drinks as well. 

#3 - Happy Camper - Old Town
Located just off the corner of division and Wells Happy Camper is very similar to what you would find on or around your old college campus.  It has a hip vibe and a younger crowd.  Grab a beer then grab a seat on one of the Tires they have hung from the ceiling with steel chains.  The menu is typical college bar food and the place is usually packed so it must be pretty good. Open until 2 am it's one to add to your list. 

#4 - Fire Place Inn - Old Town
A favorite among Old Town locals, Fire Place Inn is always your go-to place for good food and plenty of action, especially when the Bears are playing!  They are known for their fall-off-the-bone ribs and tasty homemade barbecue sauce.  Famous for their Super Large, super strong Vodka Lemonades. You can’t go wrong with just about anything that comes out of the bar or kitchen.
#5 - Portillos - River North
Located at 100 W. Ontario in Chicago’s Vibrant River North, Portillos is Synonymous with Hot Dogs and Beefs.  Founded by Dick Portillo in 1963 he ran his first hot dog stand out of a 6’ x 12’ trailer which was located in Villa Park, Illinois.  After years of operating the 86 locations he had opened across the county, he sold out to a private equity firm and went on to do other things.  Portilios in my opinion has one of the best beef sandwiches you can wrap your hands around!  If you want to get crazy try the Beef and Sausage combo!! The place is usually packed and is Open till 1 am, definitely worth the wait.

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