A Look at the Billion Dollar Residential Developments Currently in the Works in Chicago

Posted by Leo Clark. on Saturday, June 24th, 2017 at 2:36pm.

The downtown Chicago area has seen a whole lot of new development reshape both the city’s landscape and its distinguished skyline in recent years, and now with 2017 already half over, which almost seems hard to believe, there seems to be no sign of a slowdown coming anytime soon, especially as the Chicago Tribune just reminded us of how many large-scale projects are still currently in the works. 

According to the piece, Chicago has at least 10 developments that will cost $1 billion or more to finish, which are either already under construction or at the very least in the final planning stages before development can officially begin. And while the roster of these mega-projects of course vary in terms of eventual use, here’s a quick look at what to expect on the residential side of things:

Vista Tower 

Arguably the most high-profile high-rise project currently under construction in Chicago, Vista Tower will rise 94 stories high and eventually house some of the Windy City’s most lavish and luxurious residential spaces on the market. And despite being over a year away from completion, Vista Tower condos for sale are already listed on the MLS.

62-Acre Related Midwest Site 

Labeled as one of the largest real estate development projects in the history of Chicago, this $5 billion project will include a whopping 10 million square feet of residential and commercial space that will ultimately connect Chinatown with the rest of the South Loop neighborhood. For a full write-up about this ambitious new project, swing on over to Curbed Chicago to learn a bit more. 


Situated almost right next door to the massive new Related Midwest parcel will be the spectacular new Riverline project, which will encompass 14 acres and include 3,600 apartments, townhouses, and condominium residences. Also included in the project scope here will be an expanded river walk and plenty of extra common outdoor space, which will no doubt add to the appeal and desirability of one day calling this premium downtown Chicago location home. 

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