A Widespread "L" Extension Finally on the Way For Downtown Chicago?

Posted by Leo Clark. on Friday, October 28th, 2016 at 6:22am.

If you’ve called downtown Chicago home for any significant amount of time, there’s a good chance we can all agree that the city’s currently configured public transit system is sufficient, but far from great. And while proposals have certainly come and gone that could potentially enhance our daily commutes, details relating to another have just recently been proposed, which could be the best to date.

According to reports, The Chicago Central Area Committee has unveiled its plan to finally bring the long-discussed ‘Chicago Connector’ line to life, which would run about 14 miles and no doubt ease the widespread congestion of downtown, while more importantly, also better connect Chicago’s South Side and new Obama Presidential Center with viable downtown transportation.

The new plan is ambitious to say the least, but perhaps very necessary given Chicago has one of the fastest growing downtowns in the entire country.

As laid out, the first phase of the project would connect the crowded West Loop Metro Hubs with Streeterville, a line that would no doubt see a ton of use, while future phases would focus on connecting other parts of the city that simply have little to no train access, like Museum Campus and Cabrini Green, and many parts of the South Side that are close to the lakefront and Jackson Park.

For a closer look at the project, head on over to Curbed to learn more, or watch the quick video below that outlines some of the specific details to what may finally bring some much needed relief to "L" riders across Chicago.

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