Changes Coming This Summer to Navy Pier

Posted by Leo Clark. on Friday, May 22nd, 2015 at 9:29pm.

Changes are coming to the state’s most popular tourist attraction, and a new ordinance that was just introduced by Mayor Emanuel is raising some eye brows. According to reports, visitors to Navy Pier this summer will now be able to consume and carry open containers of alcohol both inside and outside the pier, as long as patrons purchase the alcohol there.

As part of the new ordinance, anyone consuming alcohol in or around Navy Pier must be doing so out of a disposable cup that clearly identifies the name of the establishment in which the beverage was purchased. In addition, alcoholic beverages MUST NOT be brought into or consumed inside the Navy Pier parking area or any other prohibited area designated by authorities, with violators faces steep fines ranging from $100 to $500, or even six months in jail.

In years past, drinking has been allowed at Navy Pier, but only within the confines of licensed establishments inside or at one of the few outdoor patios scattered throughout the park.

Other changes to Navy Pier include the $20 million “legacy gift” from the Polk Bros, which will include a number of different updates and additions, which are detailed in the video below:

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