Fully Automated Wow Bao Restaurant Opens in the Gold Coast

Posted by Leo Clark. on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 at 11:35am.

Well, it finally happened—a fully automated restaurant has now officially made its debut in downtown Chicago, and it happens to be located right here in the Gold Coast. 

Located at 1 W. Division, the new Wow Bao restaurant takes orders from either an app or an in-store kiosk, and once its ready for pick-up, it will be placed in one of 12 cubbies that will display the customer’s name using a LED light. 

In the front of the restaurant is a small counter for dining-in customers, however the concept is designed for easy in-and-out carry-out. 

As for the food, the new Gold Coast Wow Bao location features its signature menu, along with a couple new rice bowl options, as well as Do-Rite Donuts and coffee during the morning hours. 

When the weather heats up, there will also be a late night menu offered as well, which should be a big hit among bar-goers throughout the Gold Coast area. 

Photo: Wow Bao Facebook

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