Introducing Chicago's Super Luxury Rental Buildings

Posted by Leo Clark. on Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 at 5:56pm.

Over the past several years, downtown Chicago’s rental market has been, in a word, crazy. From the development and opening of buildings like 500 N. Lake Shore Drive, 111 W. Wacker, and Optima to the construction and planning of a handful of others that are still in the pipeline, there doesn’t seem to be a slowdown in the luxury rental craze coming anytime soon.

If you’re like many Chicagoans who are opting to rent rather than buy in the downtown area, there’s certainly a lot to consider, as the apartment landscape seems to be changing and evolving constantly. News for an apartment tower that will replace the old Howard Johnson Inn at LaSalle and Superior broke yesterday, while other projects nearing completion like Madison at Racine in the West Loop will be starting occupancy before we know it.

Despite all these new luxury rental towers popping up in locations all throughout the downtown area however, units still seem to be renting at an extraordinarily rapid pace. The chic interior finishes and world-class amenities being installed in all of Chicago’s super luxury rental buildings are just too desirable for many Chicagoans looking for housing to pass up, and after browsing around some of these stunning new complexes, we think you might be inclined to agree.

So, to learn more about luxury rentals in Chicago, take a closer look at just some of our favorite developments that have recently exploded onto the downtown luxury rental scene by clicking here NOW!

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