Mega 2-Tower Development Finally Unveiled For Former Chicago Spire Site

Posted by Leo Clark. on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 at 5:48pm.

In case you missed it, possible plans for the infamous Chicago Spire site have once again been unveiled, and this time it seems a massive, 2-tower development could actually come to fruition, especially given a new website detailing the project has also been launched.

According to numerous media outlets, developer Related Midwest has announced a stunning mixed-use development that could potentially include a luxury hotel, condos, apartments, a new park on the east side of Lake Shore Drive, and also another extension of the rapidly growing River Walk. 

Back when the Spire site was acquired, an architecturally significant project was promised by Related Midwest, and it appears they fully intend to follow through with that proclamation.  

The taller of the two towers at 400 N. Lake Shore Drive will top out at 1,100 feet, making it the 5th tallest building in the city should it be built, while the shorter tower, which will be positioned about 150 feet away, will stand 850 feet high and mostly house the apartment portion of the project.

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