New Plans For Former Chicago Spire Site Expected to Be Announced Next Week

Posted by Leo Clark. on Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 at 7:04am.

A new plan is reportedly in the works at the site of the former Chicago Spire condo tower. Work on the luxury tower, which once aimed to become the second tallest building in the world, stalled shortly after construction began.

Now about a decade later, a new developer is planning to release its plans on what to do with the site. Those plans are slated for public release within days, though it’s been suggested in the past that any new project could possibly rival the Spire.

Originally, the more than two-acre site included plans for a 2,000-foot condo tower, but construction ended with the building’s foundation. Years later, another developer came in and added landscaping to appease concerned neighbors, but few details have been released on what’s still to come.

Along with construction of a 150-story building, the site’s original developer had also planned to spend millions improving the waterfront location, something that could also perhaps be tied to any new development.

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