Smaller, More Efficient Living Spaces Are Catching On Among Chicago Home Buyers & Renters

Posted by Leo Clark. on Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 at 9:04pm.

Studio Condos in Chicago

Whether you’ve been paying attention or not, smaller, more efficient living spaces are becoming increasingly significant around the United States, especially in larger, more expensive markets like New York, San Francisco, and even in parts of downtown Chicago.

You might have first become aware of this new U.S. housing trend from cable network FYI’s popular reality series Tiny House Nation, but since the show’s first episode aired back in the summer of last year, it seems more and more homebuyers are considering the option of having more financial freedom by limiting how much they spend of what’s usually the most costly expense to living—housing.

In areas that are more urban, like Chicago for example, building a “tiny house” really isn’t feasible due to a lack of space, or perhaps higher land values. So instead, home buyers and renters are turning to what are known as “micro apartments” to take advantage of lowering living expenses, and it’s even caught the eye of Curbed Chicago.

Although the apartment featured in yesterday’s Curbed article truly is following the “micro apartment” model, not everyone looking scale down their living situation has to opt for a tiny, 300 square-foot space. Dozens of options occupy a place on the Chicago real estate market that have 500 ft.² or below, and if you’re looking to both save on the price of a new condo, as well as all the expenses that go along with it, you might just find exactly what it is you’re looking for by taking a closer look at some of the featured MLS listings in downtown Chicago below:

Affordable, Efficient Living Spaces Currently For Sale in Downtown Chicago

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