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Posted by Leo Clark. on Tuesday, June 19th, 2018 at 3:45pm.

65 E. Goethe Condos For SaleOne of the biggest annoyances home buyers face when searching for a new home or condo in Chicago is scanning over the same property listings over and over again. In a slow market when inventory is down and not much is coming up for sale, this frustrating problem seems to be a bit more magnified than usual, but when things are hot, checking out home listings on a daily basis is absolutely critical, as you never know how quickly new listings will ultimately sell.

Rentals in downtown Chicago always seem to move quickly no matter the state of the market, and in the past 12-18 months, we’ve also seen a variety of condos, townhomes, lofts, and single-family homes for sale all throughout the Chicago area sell rather quickly as well. Unfortunately for home buyers today though, inventory is low and housing options around the city simply aren’t quite as plentiful as many would like. But even during what seems like a slow-down in the local Chicago real estate market, you never know what desirable listings will hit the Gold Coast real estate market at any given time.

Just within the last day, three hot new Gold Coast condos have come onto the market—each with its own unique blend of finishes and fixtures and each in its own pricing category. From a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom overlooking Oak Street to a stunning ½ floor corner unit at 1035 N. Dearborn, you just never know what will pop up, even at a time you least expect it. So while you may think you’ve seen it all and you’re one of those buyers who is in the market for a new home but only sporadically scans the web for new listings, keep in mind that your dream home may only be just a day away from coming up for sale. After all, seeing the same home listing several times may be somewhat of a nuisance, but missing out on that perfect new place to call home will certainly cost you a lot more than just being annoyed!

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