Restaurant Week: Thrillist Mentions Gold Coast Steakhouse Among Best in the U.S.

Posted by Leo Clark. on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 at 12:11pm.

The list of highly-touted, award-winning restaurants in Chicago is long, and the list of celebrated steakhouses in the Windy City is even longer. But earlier this month, one local steakhouse was specifically mentioned as one of the top places in the country to eat, and which one might come as somewhat of a surprise. 

In its most recent list of America’s 31 best steakhouses, popular foodie website Thrillist listed Maple & Ash, a relatively new establishment over in the Gold Coast, among the country’s elite, describing it as “next-level” and “fun,” while also proclaiming it to have an “innovate take on the traditional steakhouse.” 

Locally, Maple and Ash has received all kinds of accolades from Chicago Tribune food critics, and of course Eater Chicago. But to see Maple & Ash mentioned in a national ranking over other hotspots like Gibsons and Chicago Cut definitely raised some eyebrows, even among those of us who absolutely love what Maple & Ash brings to the table—pun intended. 

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