10 Home Buying Secrets: #8 - Make an Informed Opening Bid with the Help of a Realtor®

Posted by Leo Clark. on Thursday, November 6th, 2014 at 8:44pm.

Home Buying Secrets

The home buying process can be a lengthy endeavor that can take weeks, sometimes even months. So now that you've spent countless hours researching different neighborhoods and viewing dozens of different properties online and in person, just what do you do once you've found that perfect new place to call home?

Well, along with all that time you've spent finding the right home, hopefully you've also made a significant effort in finding a smart and efficient real estate agent who knows the secrets and science behind the art of bidding and negotiating.  

Regardless of what the list price is of your dream home or condo in Chicago, your opening bid should always be based on two factors: what you can afford, and what you truly believe the property is worth. Finding that common ground between something that's fair and something that also won't offend the seller isn't always that easy, but with the right agent who's experienced and knows the local Chicago real estate market, securing that home is going to be much easier. And if you're lucky, it might even be cheaper too.

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