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So much of the downtown Chicago real estate market is comprised of towering high-rise condominiums and apartments for rent, and while there’s certainly advantages to living in one Chicago’s many skyscraping residential developments, what about home buyers or renters who want both the convenience factor and allure of living downtown, only without the high-rise lifestyle?

Well, situated directly in the heart of the South Loop—where high-rises, mid-rises, and loft conversions define the surrounding real estate landscape—a rare and perfect opportunity has presented itself for someone who truly wants all the benefits of living in downtown Chicago, but in a location that features a bit more elegance, charm, and character than many of the large-scale

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Lincoln Park Condos For Sale

Aptly named for the vast park space bordering one of Chicago’s most iconic and recognizable green spaces, the Lincoln Park neighborhood is arguably the north side’s most desirable locations for home buyers or renters to consider when searching for a new place to call home. Situated right off the lakefront and boasting a unique and robust sense of community, Lincoln Park encompasses a broad set of housing options across its boundaries, which are defined by Diversey Parkway to the north, the Chicago River to the west, North Avenue to the south and of course Lake Michigan to the east.

Generally, Lincoln Park is one of Chicago’s most affluent neighborhoods with single-family homes averaging over $1 million and other properties listing for well over that

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Lincoln Park Real Estate For SaleNamed after the expansive park space bordering the shores of Lake Michigan, Lincoln Park is among the most sought after neighborhoods in all of Chicago. Its borders can be defined by Diversey Parkway to the north, the Chicago River to the west, North Avenue to the south and Lake Michigan to the east—and it’s what’s situated within this area that continues to make Lincoln Park such an attractive destination.

Aside from the park itself and the close proximity to the lake, Lincoln Park’s charming atmosphere, tree-lined streets, and tight-knit community feel are only part of the reason why this north side neighborhood thrives on so many different levels. In addition, the wide-variety of housing options, which range from high-end condos and single-family

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Downtown Chicago Health ClubsWhen you combine all the typical New Year’s resolutions with people simply wanting to work-off the extra weight gained from a hearty holiday meal or two, January through March is widely known to be the busiest gym season of the year—and if you’ve been to a local gym or health club around downtown Chicago sometime within the past couple weeks, you may be inclined to agree.
Luckily for those of us living in the downtown area however, there are variety of health club options that help keep crowds to a minimum and your fitness and exercise goals well within reach. So whether you’re looking to join a Chicago health club to satisfy a 2014 resolution or just to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, here’s our detailed guide on some of the top gyms and health

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