New High-Rise Likely Coming to the West Loop Alongside The Kennedy

Posted by Leo Clark. on Thursday, March 17th, 2016 at 3:40pm.

With demand for West Loop housing still at a seemingly all-time high, it appears another major high-rise could be on the way for a site located alongside the Kennedy Expressway. The project,  called One South Halsted, has actually been “in the works” so-to-speak for quite some time, however nothing has quite materialized as of yet.

An introduction to the unique, cylinder-shaped tower was actually first presented all the way back in 2011, and the city actually gave the project approval the following year. However, up until now, talk about the dynamic new development has mostly been silent.

According to reports, though, it appears developers are finally ready to get construction underway, albeit with a slight modification to the height and number of parking spaces the tower will offer once completed. Initially, the plan was for One South Halsted to stand 490 feet high and include 520 parking spaces, but recently released specs now have the building standing 472 feet high with 376 parking spaces.

In order for developers of One South Halsted to retain their zoning approval, the project must move forward before June 19th, so keep an eye on this one as we head into the early summer months.

Once finished, One South Halsted will bring 492 more units to the West Loop market.

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